About us

About Us: Your Gateway to Streetwear Style

Welcome to our streetwear haven! Dazone is a reselling company with a legacy of spreading urban fashion love since the summer of 2016. Our journey began with a genuine passion for streetwear items and a vision to make them accessible to everyone in the UK. We have no expanded and service fashionistas across the globe. Fed up with the exclusivity and price-gouging prevalent in the industry, we embarked on a mission eight years ago to create a reselling platform that would bridge the gap between streetwear enthusiasts and their favourite brands.

Our Unyielding Dedication to You

With our roots firmly established in the heart of Manchester, we have expanded our operations to the London, the fashion capital of the UK while maintaining our warehouse at home in Manchester. This strategic move allows us to be at the forefront of the latest streetwear trends, ensuring that we bring you the most sought-after and exclusive items from the industry's biggest names.


Authenticity and Quality Guaranteed

Our experience in the industry has taught us the importance of trust and transparency. To uphold that trust, we source all our goods directly from the brands themselves at discounted or wholesale prices. This means you can rest assured that when you shop with Dazone, you're getting 100% authentic streetwear products. We go the extra mile by providing proof of purchase and authenticity with every order, offering you peace of mind with every purchase.


Empowering the Streetwear Community

For over eight years, we have been on a mission to empower the streetwear community. Our vision extends beyond just offering premium streetwear at affordable prices. We aim to revolutionize the industry, where gatekeeping and extortion become relics of the past. We are committed to creating an inclusive space where everyone can express their unique style without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

At our core, we are a customer-centric company. From the moment you discover our website to the moment you proudly rock your new streetwear, we strive to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience. Our dedication to top-notch customer service is unmatched. We're not content with meeting expectations; we exceed them.

For starters, we are proud to be the only UK resellers offering 24-hour online live chat customer support. You can count on us to be there whenever you need assistance or have questions. Our presence extends beyond our website; we actively engage with our community on social media, offering additional support and fostering a vibrant streetwear culture.


Partnerships that Elevate Your Experience

Our commitment to excellence is further bolstered by strong partnerships within the industry. Working closely with renowned brands has allowed us to secure access to their latest drops, providing you with genuine streetwear gems at retail prices as soon as they hit the market. When you shop with us, you're not just a customer; you're part of a fashion-forward community.

The Proof is in Your Success

We are thrilled to witness the success stories of our customers. Time and again, our customers have purchased our items, only to turn around and resell them for profit. Seeing your excitement and hearing your gratitude for the profits we help generate warms our hearts and fuels our passion for what we do.

At our core, we are more than just a reselling company. We are a movement, a gateway to the world of streetwear where style knows no bounds, and everyone can make a statement with authenticity, flair, and confidence.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we break barriers, revolutionize the streetwear industry, and make high-quality fashion accessible to all. Welcome to a world where streetwear dreams become reality. Welcome to our streetwear family!